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Sea-Seek is an online nautical guide. It provides information and photos about coastal navigation and ports. It's like a Wiki, anyone can contribute to it by creating new descriptions or by editing current reports.
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Flag_GbAny site, among thousands, describe in Sea-Seek is visible in 3D at the bottom of the page. In addition you can fly over any coastline. Click on the small planein any page. Google Earth Browser Plugin must be installed.
Try it, it's a great fun.
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Flag_GbDive on board a submarine in any sea all over the world. Click on the small sub in any Sea-Seek page or below.
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Cala Brigantino
Here Sailors, Boaters, Crew, Surfers or sea lovers from around the world can share information about anchorages or surf spots, marinas and services in their area to create the "Sea-Seek" boating resource. Just tell us and if you encounter anything missing or out of date just change it!
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29 May 15 Porto di Rocella Ionica (Calabria)    Ne manquez pas de gouter les pizzas dans le restaurant du port de rocella ionica. Un vrai bonheur!   
21 May 15 Port de Ponteau    je pense avoir connu tres bien les grands parents et parents et meme Nathalie.ponteau grands moments de vie. je m appelle louis COULOMB. 70 ans. salut a andre et Janine. et mado.   Mobile
18 May 15 Darsena Netter Fiumicino Isola Sacra    E' una darsena privata posta sulla sponda destra di Fiumara a sinistra entrando dalla foce; si può ormeggiare sia nella darsena che sul fiume, disponendosi su tre file.

Pericoli: ...

17 May 15 Bastia - Port Toga    Attention aux boîtes de nuit du port qui ne vous laisseront pas dormir le week end ni pendant les vacances d'été.Tres très bruyant,sommeil impossible avant 2 heures du matin. Éclats ...   
12 May 15 Medregal Village    Medregal Village is the best option to take the best vacations in your life. We recommend it. If you want to know more about it; watch this video:


  Marek Waldin
12 May 15 Lake Santa Barbara anchorage (Pompano-Beach)    A popular free sheltered anchorage for transient cruisers that is set well back from the ICW and only 3 miles from Hillsboro Inlet.  It is not well known that just beyond the 12" ...   Luce Crew
12 May 15 Ak (Cap) Drastis (Corfou)    Le cap drastis a été acheté par un particulier qui demande 5 eur par personne.

Ceci ne vaut pas ce prix , car il n'y a rien a faire dans ce domaine.  Les vue le long ...

2 May 15 Rocher du diamant. - HMS Diamond Rock   

 le Rochet du  Diamant

1 May 15 Guadiana Bridge   
 That does not make any sense.
That is weird.
But, that's life.
30 Apr 15 Port Aegina (N. Aeginia) (Grèce)        All'interno del porto, soprattutto nel tratto ESE della banchina, un forte colpo di NW, rende pericoloso l'ormeggio: è bene avere dato a fondo a tutta la lunghezza ...   

Nautical Guides - Ebooks in pdf format to be downloaded Ebook

Image:Flag_Gb.png Ebooks in ".pdf' format adapted to tablet display. Each one groups in one document a complete sailing area. Due to the size of the document, download time can be long.

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