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Sea-Seek is an online nautical guide. It provides information and photos about coastal navigation and ports. It's like a Wiki, anyone can contribute to it by creating new descriptions or by editing current reports.
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Flag_GbAny site, among thousands, describe in Sea-Seek is visible in 3D at the bottom of the page. In addition you can fly over any coastline. Click on the small planein any page. Google Earth Browser Plugin must be installed.
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Here Sailors, Boaters, Crew, Surfers or sea lovers from around the world can share information about anchorages or surf spots, marinas and services in their area to create the "Sea-Seek" boating resource. Just tell us and if you encounter anything missing or out of date just change it!
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28 Aug 15 Lagos    All around shelter ,many mosquitos,many dogs and a big market on sundays .

Beware!! never trust Tsoukas Marine people they are  really ....thieves.

27 Aug 15 Porto di Pantelleria (Pantelleria)   

Août 2015. Il faut visiter l'île, elle est superbe. Les deux ports de Pantelleria sont aujourd'hui équipés mais ils sont à fuir ! Plus aucun espace gratuit, tout est aux ...

27 Aug 15 US - East coast    There are three basic climate regions on the East Coast from north to south. The region from northern Maine south to about central Connecticut has a continental climate, with warm ...   DD
27 Aug 15 Ormos Ammou (N. Othoni) (Greece)    aout 2015

ancien port de pêche (Avlaki)

Il n'y a plus de perches, mais un gros quai en béton Les rochers qu'elles balisaient ont disparus. En venant  de l'Est, ne ...

  Robert Cubet
27 Aug 15 Clarkes Court Bay marina (Grenade)   

Petite marina au fond de Clarkes Court (ou Woburn) ...

25 Aug 15 Port de pêche de Monastir   
23 Aug 15 Denia    Just left my 10m yacht there for the winter, had to rush back to the UK only had 5 days in port

Midd August and there were still places  to get a berth on a good concrete ...

22 Aug 15 Kalahari    Other large deserts include the Gobi Desert of Asia, the Kalahari Desert in Africa, the Patagonian Desert in South America, the Great Victoria Desert in Australia, the Great Basin Desert ...   Madri_2015
19 Aug 15 Anchoraggio Poveglia    In lato Ovest di Poveglia è un ancoraggio molto frequentato dalle imbarcazioni locali perché ben riparato dalla Bora e dallo Scirocco che rappresentano i venti prevalenti nella laguna ...   mbettini
19 Aug 15 Sacca Séssola    L'isola di Sacca Sessola, già ospedale per la cura delle malattie polmonari, ospita da pochi mesi un albergo della catena Merriott.

Purtroppo il via vai delle navette che trasportano ...


Nautical Guides - Ebooks in pdf format to be downloaded Ebook

Image:Flag_Gb.png Ebooks in ".pdf' format adapted to tablet display. Each one groups in one document a complete sailing area. Due to the size of the document, download time can be long.

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